STRATEG Consulting is a consulting company, specialized in the Aviation and Airport sectors, with more than 10 years of experience in over 100 projects.


More than consulting services, we are also a business platform that enables our clients to access a vast network of professionals and international companies in different areas of expertise. This makes possible not only a quick identification of opportunities, but also the development of solutions that maximize the value captured.


We are specialized

We provide in all our projects a senior consultant team with strong experience in the aviation and airport sector, and with know-how targeted to the specific topic. We also incorporate in our projects senior executives with a proven operational experience in managing all the related businesses.


We have a network of international partners

We have developed a network of business partners in 4 continents – South America, Africa, Europe and Asia – which enables us to have a global vision but, at the same time, to adapt the solutions to the reality of each country.


We develop long-term relations

We develop strong and trusted relations with our clients, which means they recognize us as long time partners, and provide important referrals to other potential clients.